Yes, this is I! Yes, this is I (in 3D!)
Zhendong Wang
Zhejiang University
College of Computer Science and Technology
Adress: Caoguangbiao building, Room 401
Phone: +86-15869049592

I am a fourth-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Min Tang.
My main fields of interest are Collision Detection, Physics-based Simulation and GPU Computing.
Here is my CV.

Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Drum
2013-2014: TA for "Computer Graphics".
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  1. Description of the image.
    Efficient and Robust Strain Limiting and Treatment of Simultaneous Collisions with Semidefinite Programming
    Zhendong Wang, Tongtong Wang, Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong
    Computational Visual Media 2016
    Paper PDF Video
  2. Description of the image.
    TightCCD: Efficient and Robust Continuous Collision Detection using Tight Error Bounds
    Zhendong Wang, Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Dinesh Manocha
    Pacific Graphics 2015
    Paper PDF Video Code
  3. Description of the image.
    Fast and Exact Continuous Collision Detection with Bernstein Sign Classification
    Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Zhendong Wang, Dinesh Manocha
    ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2014
    Paper PDF Video Code